Reviews for "Dr. Doe's Chemistry Quiz (18+)"

If school actually taught this way we'd all be 400iq geniuses

did it 30 times pissed me off questions are random

way too hard for an Adult game. Don't see why this is so highly rated when there is barely any content except for random questions you would see on who is smarter than a 5th grader.
P.S. the ending was not worth the effort

i mean the character is cute and bangable, but with this generation of people making people remember chemistry is a bit much. As much as i wanna see the pay off it's easier to just go read a hentai comic and rub one out then it is to answer this shit. I'd suggest using pop culture or music trivia.. or not using a timer so people can cheat and google.. we live in a time where instant gratification runs rampant so you're going to lose alot of people who just want a quick fix.

Asks history, biology, and gaming questions along with chemistry. Because of the random questions dealing with other topics and the gag questions that make zero sense, this game takes far too long and offers an abysmal reward. Weak.