Reviews for "Dr. Doe's Chemistry Quiz (18+)"

Esta interesante el juego, buenas preguntas y el arte esta decente, hay un bug respecto a que dice" esta es la respuesta correcta" y no te la marca

i did it ! and it worth it

Got tilted after multiple 9/10-s in a row. Came back the next day: instant 10/10. Satisfaction also 10/10.

umm i could be wrong but isnt copper also a metal?...

alfa995 responds:

Yes. Some questions have multiple correct answers.

the game is fun, the animations are great, but flee rhe hard quizz if you're ot familiar with chemistry or you speak a different languages, some name of elements aren't the same, beware.

Also the if you fail a hard question you don't have a quick lesson to learn a bit of why you were wrong