Reviews for "Dr. Doe's Chemistry Quiz (18+)"

ALRIGHT!!! I have done my home work and have the list of questions and answers that i have been able to do so far. Im missing some of the question 10 answers but hey at least you got a free ride to them...... your welcome.

Argon Atomic number= 18
Astatine Atomic Number= 85
Helium atomic number= 2
Hydrogen Atomic Number= 1
Oxygen atomic number= 8

Solid at room temp EXCEPT= Oxygen
Metal Liquid, Room Temp= Mercury
Gas at room temp= Oxygen

Base not acid= Ammonia
Di solving Gold= Hydrochloric Acid
Mix Ammonia and Bleach= Chloramine

Following element is metal= Iron

Symbol for Antimony= Sb
Symbol for Fluorine= F
Symbol for Hydrogen= H
Symbol for Lead= Pb
Symbol for Oxygen= O
Symbol for Tin= Sn

Chemical Formula Nitrogen Monoxide= NO (all caps)
Chemical Formula Propane= C3H8
Chemical Formula Sulfuric Acid= H2SO4
Chemical Formula Water= H2O
chemical Formula Ammonia= NH3

Half Life Longest= Uranium
Non Transition Metal= lithium
NOT a real element= Saturnium
Tripple bond= N2
Holgen group= Chlorine
Nobel Gas= Neon
1911= Radium

felt like hard-mode needs more rewards.

How is Half-life of Hydrogen-1 wrong, if it does not decay its half life is infinite, so it's the longest

Only problem is Doe's chest is a tiny bit too small for my tastes

Pretty good, but hard mode should naturally have a different reward than easy mode. Otherwise well made.