Reviews for "Dr. Doe's Chemistry Quiz (18+)"

Fantastic, erotic stuff really grabs my attention so these things should be easier to learn. Feeling like i did something to get rewarded really feels good too as it has a build up rather than just clicking an intereactive thing that gives you loops of porn. However it'd be way cooler if there was more options that would be unlockable past the sex stage. Anal could be the last stage since the people i've talked to regarding sex have said that they're too afraid to try. But hey that's my experience.

Too easy... On Hard.

I love everything about this. I love Dr. Doe and everything about her.

My only complaint, it has also been known to be called a Bohr-Rutherford atomic model. And is... Basically never used outside of grade 9 science. So boooooooo. Booooooo for making me remember that.

ALRIGHT!!! I have done my home work and have the list of questions and answers that i have been able to do so far. Im missing some of the question 10 answers but hey at least you got a free ride to them...... your welcome.

Argon Atomic number= 18
Astatine Atomic Number= 85
Helium atomic number= 2
Hydrogen Atomic Number= 1
Oxygen atomic number= 8

Solid at room temp EXCEPT= Oxygen
Metal Liquid, Room Temp= Mercury
Gas at room temp= Oxygen

Base not acid= Ammonia
Di solving Gold= Hydrochloric Acid
Mix Ammonia and Bleach= Chloramine

Following element is metal= Iron

Symbol for Antimony= Sb
Symbol for Fluorine= F
Symbol for Hydrogen= H
Symbol for Lead= Pb
Symbol for Oxygen= O
Symbol for Tin= Sn

Chemical Formula Nitrogen Monoxide= NO (all caps)
Chemical Formula Propane= C3H8
Chemical Formula Sulfuric Acid= H2SO4
Chemical Formula Water= H2O
chemical Formula Ammonia= NH3

Half Life Longest= Uranium
Non Transition Metal= lithium
NOT a real element= Saturnium
Tripple bond= N2
Holgen group= Chlorine
Nobel Gas= Neon
1911= Radium