Reviews for "Dr. Doe's Chemistry Quiz (18+)"

First try got 8. Second try got 10. gg

I did it after 20 tries i got it.

i mean the character is cute and bangable, but with this generation of people making people remember chemistry is a bit much. As much as i wanna see the pay off it's easier to just go read a hentai comic and rub one out then it is to answer this shit. I'd suggest using pop culture or music trivia.. or not using a timer so people can cheat and google.. we live in a time where instant gratification runs rampant so you're going to lose alot of people who just want a quick fix.

The amount of Tries I had to do and pages to leave open, info to remember was Crazy!! but This Was Very Very Good! if possible, add an addition. As if you perfect the quiz another time another type of "Fun Play"!

Cute game, you did a great job here, Alfa.
And don't worry, Dr. Doe, the Mexicanium dream will come true!