Reviews for "Dr. Doe's Chemistry Quiz (18+)"

The juice is not worth the squeeze, though it's actually pretty good juice as far as juice goes. Looking up the answers on Google afterwards and then retaking the quiz is an overly slow form of cheating. I mostly detest how the questions aren't bang-bang, which reduces the speed of retakes.

Why have I been playing this for an hour

Only 50 minutes, not an hour. wooo :p

Speaking as someone who knows exactly jack crap about Chemistry, but I did manage to get through the quiz, taking notes from a periodic table, google searches (you can't really ask during a question, but you can still keep the question pulled up when it's counted as wrong), and just correct guesses, then keeping the notes next to the screen.
I will say though, I kinda feel like I know a little more than before, specifically the Glucose coming from plants and Deer anatomy.
Now I do feel the quiz could be a little more accepting, since Chemistry doesn't seem like it'd be the average porn-viewers first subject, but then I don't know how someone is also gonna know the creators of 3+ separate atomic models off the top of their head without looking...

alfa995 responds:

Yeah I do realize not everyone's too familiar with the chemistry concepts, that's what's fitting for the character but it made the game much harder.

Thanks for leaving a reasonable and constructive review instead of just whining about the difficulty and rating 0. Guess some people read "chemistry" and "quiz" in the title and are still surprised when they don't know the answers.

The art is good, but having to answer the last question through trial and error 3 times just to have it switch for another 3 failed answers isn't really that fun, especially when it takes like 2 minutes to even get there thanks to the slow question text.

Great work thank you for the knowledge :D

alfa995 responds:

Glad you liked it~! ^^