Reviews for "Dr. Doe's Chemistry Quiz (18+)"

Very well done, I have no complaints, I see no reason to offer anything less than a perfect score. I often don't enjoy quiz games as in the past they came off as lazy strip games, the formula is often just answer questions and the model's clothes vanish. Though I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed this one.

This takes a great twist on the bad formula I'm use to. You're engaging directly with the model, it feels less like a 2D picture that gets progressively lewder, and more like an actual character rewarding you for your efforts. The jokes and comments made by Dr. Doe gives her a great personality that you discover, showing that she's a person (well, a deer but still) beyond the concept of stripping for answers, coming off as fun and playful and sweet. Being able to skip the quiz after completion is a great reward as well, where most games simply have you go through the questions again if you want to get to the end.

I love the simplicity of 10 questions but with the complexity of having more than 10 questions that get randomly picked, and if anything it made me appreciate the game more, rather than just memorizing the 10 questions and finishing. This is a fantastic piece of work.

I've saved this to my favorites and you've earned a follower. I hope to see more from you and once I'm doing better financial-wise I intend to support you on Patreon as well.

alfa995 responds:

Thank you! After seeing so many people just complain about the difficulty and ignoring everything else, it makes me happy to see someone finally appreciate the effort I put into Doe and the rest of the game. So glad you enjoyed it!

8 tries... and i took chem 2 years ago...

Came here to fap, learnt stuff instead.
Scene was just a bonus.


alfa995 responds:

Porque no todos lo hablan. xp

Would be even better if you didn't have to sit through the whole opening spiel every time you restart