Reviews for "Dr. Doe's Chemistry Quiz (18+)"

3 things:
-my boner is gone
-now i feel like a dumbass
-the reward sex scene (in SINGULAR because its just 1!) its the most bland piece of crap ive seen IN A FUCKING WHILE
at least add something more to tht reward scene and then you can call this a mediocre adult game

Hey this game is great it has that great learning part and when you get ti the sex scene its even better, it is annoying though when you have to try for almost a hour to get it but its totally worth it.

When your fave newgrounds artist makes you work or it* owo;;;;;
NOOOOO....Chemistry is my weakest science DX I'm better with bio/physics

Still a charming deer girl as ever...

I really enjoy the joke answer/questions more than the porn, yep.

Glad I paid some attention in Biology and Chemistry, but not enough; got 4 out of 10 my first try. Gotta say though, this did teach me some things, such as bad chemistry puns. lol