Reviews for "Dr. Doe's Chemistry Quiz (18+)"

I'm a chemist teacher and this shit still took my dumbass 3 tries. Nice!

It needs some stuff, like a button to skip dialog and the intro.

I should not be doing this at 6:30 AM when I stayed up all night, I only got to 8 correct ones after two tries, it likely doesn't help that English isn't my native language either, so I have to think even harder about this stuff, I think I'll have to go to bed and try again when I wake up.

I have to give you a zero for this, I'm sorry but this game is the very definition of tedious. I love th Doe character and this game had me downright angry by the end of the ordeal due to how long it took me to complete and I had a cheat sheet made by another player I hazard I would have just given up without their input. I believe the inability to pause and the insanely short time limit to be the two most frustrating elements in this game. You call out people who would need to use google for this but is that really a bad thing? Making it impossible to look something up makes this a much harder and less appealing game to play. I'm sorry; again I'll say it but you really should think more about your audience even more-so with this being a milestone game! I'm just frustrated and at the time of typing this out I still haven't reached the end so that should tell you something. I guess I'll comment again once I've gotten to the scene if I get to the scene and go from there.

Final result: Ehhhhhhhhhhhh. Your art as always is very lovely and Doe is a treat but the scene at the end is not worth the effort put into playing the game. You're still getting a 0 from me chief.


Thoughts since the update: Yes please thank you. Easier questions and more time. Plus keeping in the original game for the more hardcore among us. Also adjusting the intro on restarts, this is taking feedback and translating it to a game many more people will be happy with. I'm happy to bump up my original 0 to something more befitting of your art. Sorry if I came off as a jerkass before.

It's a good thing this is well animated. I had a mix of bad luck and a case of "I learned nothing from highschool" and ended up taking over 10 minutes. Seriously, I just wanna fap. I went through it enough times for the waiting and quips to grate on my nerves, regardless of how cute she is.

She is pretty cute though. And it looks good. Fluid movements. I was gonna give a 3 but Doe gets a star herself for being a cutie-patootie. But please don't bar porn behind a quiz next time.