Reviews for "Dr. Doe's Chemistry Quiz (18+)"

Esta interesante el juego, buenas preguntas y el arte esta decente, hay un bug respecto a que dice" esta es la respuesta correcta" y no te la marca

I spend 2 hours to beat the quiz and roughly 50% of the time I'm stuck on 8/10, 9/10.
It is a very fun game and I think It's worth the time.

Great art work good personality on Dr.Doe not great sex scene needs improvement cant wait to see what comes next

I have to say it's an interesting game, while other people are just here to fap to the cute doe (I mean heck, I would.) , I keep in mind that is a quiz game first and sexual animation second.

With that out of the way, I had a bit of fun with challenging questions and he help me learn more about Chemistry.- (My favorite questions being the puns. XD)

Now to tell the truth I may not come back to this game personally, I still think that it's a good way to test your knowledge. So yeah, good work alfa995! And you have my full on support.

pressing spacebar puts you on the menu, had 9/10 and accidentally pressed it.