Reviews for "Dr. Doe's Chemistry Quiz (18+)"

Got tilted after multiple 9/10-s in a row. Came back the next day: instant 10/10. Satisfaction also 10/10.

I've learned more about chemistry in a single night then I did in school in the 12 years i was in there. even though the sex scene was a bit lacking, the fact that I earned that creampie through all the blood sweat and tears and crushing those books was reward enough. I Earned this waifu, she made me work for her, and damn it! I'm glad she made me earn it! it turns a boring Lay into a satisfying one. Next time though, make it 15 questions, and give me an Anal option damn it!

HAHAHAH! Haaaaate... I had to learn! The sex was dull and unsatisfying! The feeling of beating that GODDAMN QUIZ though... that'll last forever.

You see, if schools had teachers, and rewards like this, then EVERYONE would pass. The sex drive truly drives us all to madness for a common goal. If this were my chemistry teacher back in the day, I would have had an A instead of a B.

Truth be told I spent about a half our on this thing. The half-life questions was the best. I cant wait to see more. Maybe a physics based one? That was my better subject.

i studied so hard, the sex was pretty boring though