Reviews for "Dr. Doe's Chemistry Quiz (18+)"

God i worked for the sex scene but still liked it!

I took some notes so I wouldn't forget the ones I found harder. hope y'all can find 'em useful.


Saturnium not an element
Neither is Mexicanium
Carbon not a metal
dead chemist - Barium
half life 3 takes the longest
Mercury liquid at room temp
Chlorine is a gas at room temp
Nitrogen is a gas at room temp
Oxygen is a gas at room temp (what you're breathing dummy)
plants synthesize Glucose
Lithium is not a transition metal

Element Symbols

Carbon - C
Tin - Sn
Lead - Pb
Hydrogen - H
Antimony - Sb
Fluorine - F
Oxygen - O

Element Atomic #s

Hydrogen # 1
Helium # 2
Oxygen # 8
Argon # 18
Astatine # 85

Molecular formula's

Sulfuric Acid H2SO4
Propane C3H8
Ammonia NH3
Nitrogen Monoxide - NO
Water - H2O

Not Gimmies (to me)

Triple Bond - N2
bleach and ammonia - chloramine
noble gas - neon
Base - Ammonia
aqua regia - hydrochloric acid
Not monosaccharide - sucrose
Chlorine is in the Halogen group
electronegative - fluorine
Marie Curie - Radium

Atomic Model

Bohr - galaxy
Dalton - Purple Circle
Thomson - Purple Circle w/ blue things in it
Rutherford - Jimmy Neutron

Ok, i give up. Sorry but im dumb as fuck, i will never get all 10 correct without using google.

HO-LY Crap that was hard! i had to have retried at least 30 times! if this was a real life scenario either she would have given up on the idea or I would have! good game though. :)

That hurt.

(Ima wait for a hero to post the answers)