Reviews for "Dr. Doe's Chemistry Quiz (18+)"

Not bad of a game, I took AP Chem in high school and was suprised at how much i remembered and almost first tried the quiz until i forgot atomic number of oxygen. your art style can improve and maybe add some actually difficult questions covering enthalpy and photospectromic properties or acid base reactions

Music mute button? Several questions have multiple correct answers, such as gas at room temperature having correct answers of oxygen and nitrogen and the noble gas question with neon and helium (which is still a noble gas despite only having 2 electrons due to the nature of atoms) fix that, and otherwise there isn't much to say negatively, no inherent hard bugs and decent animation for what it was. Good job

Not a bad game, but the hard mode would have been more enjoyable if it was all difficult questions rather than the same 6-7 easy ones with maybe a new hard one thrown in. I wouldn't have minded not getting 10/10 had it not meant I would have to mindlessly answer most the questions on my next attempt. Though I do appreciate learning a couple new things.

The scene itself hurts the score, nothing to great and I've never been a fan of the disembodied penis. Also would have been nice to get a different scene by completing hard.

Biochem major here, I did it to review what I have studied... Definitely not because I wanna try some deer pussy...

And now some kinda fetish has awakened, damn it!

Really cute! Fun and sexy and I learned some chemistry? My only feedback is that I think there should be an alternative scene for completing the hard quiz. Would give those completionists a lil something extra