Reviews for "Corrupting the priestess"

game is crap and is not even worth it and the rating is wrong it can be m but not a does not even show one nipple through out the game

So the scenes flavor text changes over time depending on how lewd she is.
Fun erotic game that you can run through fairly quickly.
Some people like flavor text and this game has it.
There's alot here and alot to build on if author ever re-visits it.

good game, some pictures here and there to show more vividly what's happening and maybe a way to fail to give some more stakes to the game but on the whole pretty good. I look forward to your next game ^-^

Takes about 2 hours to finish and even then you need to skip a lot of text since you get repeats (and sometimes new once according to the corruption)Still good game tough.

Game lacks sense of meaningful progress. There's a lot of clicking, the text repeats, and there's a lot of ??? and greyed-out areas, which I can't tell the difference between "play more to unlock" and "I haven't developed this area yet". Disappointing.