Reviews for "Corrupting the priestess"

Going to have to vote negatively. I have saved several times and now that I've come back to it, my saves are gone. This is a game breaking bug, one that has no place in a released game that doesn't even say "alpha" or "beta". Put simply, I spent two hours grinding and enjoying, but because one of the main functions is broken, I'd have to spend another two hours grinding to get back to where I was. Simply unacceptable.

Not terrible at least. Could use a bit more polish visually, but the text is mostly spot on and seems to be mostly well-kept as far as typos are concerned. My only complaint would have to be that I ran into a bug which seems to cause the scrolling by drag (either on the page or on the bar) to be disabled at random, and from what I've noticed, if you save while the game is in this state, then the saves aren't kept.

Good over all, later stages drag out and become a chore. And some of the options... that's not sexy, you're just being a jerk.

not bad if you are ready to read. my biggest complaint is that the game drags. in the early stages, she progresses faster, but has less saturday actions with minimal pay, and the farther you get the more of a grind the work becomes while the saturdays get more interesting with more options. Even with all that, though, you spend way too long wearing down her resistance, to the point where you spend close to a year in game time between any developments. her stats could have easily been halved and the game would have been more enjoyable. workplace unlock conditions could also be better. let her work there without the items, but increase her paycheck based off the work gear she has and how low her stats are. Extra flavor text as she progresses in her old jobs are great, but the player has no reason to send her back once she gets a better paying job. the simplest way around it i can think of is to increase pay with progress. examples: the library gives between 5-15 while she is nearly untouched, but goes as high as 50 with better work proficiency and more open mind. the hospital starts at 20, but gets as high as 100. the game is just long to be long, and it overstays it's welcome. shorten the experience or find a way to make that time feel worth it and the game would improve greatly.

Great game! Only, for some reason it didn't save my game.