Reviews for "Corrupting the priestess"

would really like pictures to go along with everything besides just the little animations on the bottom left, the priestess sounds and looks hot so pictures would be very appreciated and make the grind easier :)

It was alright but not the greatest thing I have played. It got really repetitive and gindy at the end but I still enjoyed it

Is there no ending to the game? I think I zeroed out both bars since I can't see them, bought several Domanic Statuettes, finished all the church repairs, and it just seems like the red bar stage is the last. I've done my best to look through every building and look through all the options but I can't find anything that would be like an ending of fully corrupted which is a shame because I was really looking forward to the fully broken ending. Feel free to direct me to the right place if I'm wrong about that... As far as people complaining about not saving, it really sucks that game ratings have to be dragged down by people who don't understand that browser games save off cookies and the like, so opening the game in incognito mode of Chrome, or Private Browsing in Safari, etc etc is just going to leave them without any saves the moment they close out the browser. You put so much work into writing I wish I could give you five, but the lack of the last mile is just so disappointing that I couldn't quite give the full star. Still good in all other aspects though.

Enjoyed the game overall. Like other comments, I also thought the game was a bit too long, but the writing was good enough to be engaging. I think her stats could be cut in half, but leaving in all of the events would be good because the variety of situations and her changing reactions to them is really what I enjoyed most.

Overall I found it a little too grindy and not perfectly balanced, but still an enjoyable game.

I'm enjoying the game so far but, like others, am having some problems with the save function. It seems to me that if you save your game and close, it won't keep the save data. On every occasion that I saved multiple times, it seems to have kept my second most recent save. Hopefully this hopes to narrow down the problem.