Reviews for "Corrupting the priestess"

A lot of clicking with minimal graphics, but DAMN what a hot game!

The situations build up to more and more submissive fetish erotica, eventually every action from old jobs to different weekend "activities" (yes, even talking and humiliation) get steamier upgrades as you go. The writing creates great mental images and tension, I got swept up by it and the escalation, where now your average video seems staged and cheesy now by comparison.

I'd like more visuals too, scrolling isn't a smooth experience, the audio variety is small (and seems to be mono, right channel only?!), and honestly the last job was unpleasant for me (and I didn't like conning from the poor to give money to the rich), but damn it this game was fun and got my rocks off so many times I got sore!

... please?

Not bad at all. Writing was good but the scenes felt a bit... Lacking. There wasn't enough variety in erotic scenes she performed.

Wonderful game, thanks for preparing so much time into it. It reminds me of older days.

Starts very slow but as you get further and further it also gets hotter and hotter.

Way to much text, just walls and walls of text. I would of thought there would be more visuals.