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Reviews for "Inherit"

dude whoever made this needs to learn the say don't tell theres so much damn reading its not interesting its boring

Nirag responds:

I guess this isn't everyone's cup of tea... thank you for the feedback, though!

1. Music
2. Art. MS Paint gave me nostalgia.
3. Attention to detail, like paintings changing.

1. Lack of Autosave was not realized until after I died and had to start the game all over again.
2. Punctuation and grammar

1. How to proceed at certain points was not logical. For example, there are many ways to read the note in the real world instead of using charcoal (like sprinkling dirt on it instead) so I would never think of lighting the fireplace and putting it out with water just to read the note in real life, there was no mention of which song was Lydia's favorite and I was given two records, so I wasted a lot of time trying to figure out the pace of the two records that you could play on the record player, and I couldn't tell that there were extra pages at the end of the book just from the curved lines until I gave up and used a walkthrough.

The whole time, I was bracing myself for a jump scare and blocked my eyes with my hand every time I entered a new room (or even old ones after I did an important action). The mood was exceptional, led by the music and sound effects. I had a few nitpicks, like why no one took Lydia's jewel or why the protagonist didn't just call and ask his relatives why they rejected the house, but overall the game was very enjoyable and satisfying to complete.

What did Lahmani mean by "a new body" for Yorick? I don't remember Yorick having a new body at any point.

Nirag responds:

Hi, thank you for the feedback! Nice to see that you noticed little details, like the paintings changing! :)

Yeah, the lack of autosave was something that many users told me about... in my next game, I'll make sure to add the feature. Regarding grammar, I'm not an english native speaker, but I'm improving, I hope to do less mistakes next time!

Yeah, some puzzles were a bit convoluted... I struggled to balance the difficulty, I didn't want to make it too easy nor too difficult. That's why I added a walkthrough.
The two records are just little easter eggs, the pace of the song can be read in the metronome... but I guess that's not as obvious as I thought! :)

Lahmani just lied about Yorick's new body. He knew that it was Yorick's weak spot, so he fed upon his hopes, but in the end, he just let Yorick die and imprisoned his spirit in the mansion (I guess that the mansion might be considered "his new body", if we consider the body a mere vessel of the spirit).

And also thank you for the detailed review! I hope you'll like my next games!

Nice Blood Tchernobog refetrence.

Nirag responds:

Thanks! I think you're the only one who got that!

**SPOILER ALERT** Great game, it's just too difficult to figure out where to use the paper knife, and the shed was very well hidden I didn't know about the shed until I saw the walkthrough, I hoped that the ending would explain what happened to the vampire girls. Overall very good game, I loved the art, and it was challenging, keep making more games!

Nirag responds:

Thank you very much!
I didn't know very well how to balance difficulty, so I put a walkthrough just in case... glas it was helpful!
The vampire girls are just an easter egg from the first Last Half of Darkness!

I love this game, and its old school feel. Great storyline and atmosphere. I hope you make more like this! The only problem I had was with the writing in the books. You might want to work a bit more on grammar or have someone proofread those sections. It was a bit jarring at times.

Nirag responds:

Thank you very much for the feedback!
Yes, I've still got a lot to learn about that, I'm not an English native speaker... but I'm working on it!