Reviews for "EnV - Osiris (WIP)"

Env I have a question : You like egyptian gods??????

Really cool, also Anubis and now Osiris? Looks like you like the ancient Egyptian gods.

"Hey everyone, I wrote a drum and bass at 165 BPM to annoy the shit out of you all!"

Track was almost rad, just do me a huge favor and bump the bpm up just a tad. Like... 175 at least. 183 bpm if you want to make Quarl happy. 200 bpm for lols. If you were to up the bpm casually you'd be sitting on top of a Slam era Pendulum track.

Drums: I'd layer in a bass drum with some mid range. More punch. That kick is all bass right now. Also maybe a thin layer on top of the snare to crisp it up a little? Not a clap but something in that general frequency range. I might cut the envelope for the hi hats a little so there's not so much white noise coming from them. Replace that white noise with a shaker rhythm but keep that hi-hat rhythm in there. Maybe replace that 8/8 hi hat rhythm with some 16th notes to help add tension. Those bongos towards the end are sick.

I don't want to make you second guess anything by writing all this about the drums but the rhythm section is missing some kind of tension and all of this plays into that. I remember talking to you a ways back about doing drum and bass. Figured you wouldn't mind this kind of feedback.

I'm really loving the melodic vibes. That high note at 1:00 had some stank to it. Stank isn't a bad thing in DNB. I've seen people pull of killer tracks that were 95% stank and like 5% actual music. I don't know how they pulled it off. Put some more stank in this.

Good luck Envy. Hope life is treating you well :)

Envy responds:

Awesome advice! I'm not great at DnB so thanks for helping me out. TBH this started out as a 130bpm house track so it's tough to speed it up any more without losing my mind haha considering what I'm used to the melody sounding like. That also explains the kick. It was a big booming kick I was using for the house version I just shortened, hence why it's so bassy - I'll have to fix that. I definitely plan to add some more stank as well.

I actually purchased a "silk road" drum VST for most of the percs and I've been loving it so far. It was only like $20 too. Totally worth it.

Thanks for the in depth review! Hope all is well with you!

Seems kind of slower for DNB in general, but it's perfect for it's own theme (I can't really see this being any faster and feeling the same vibes). Keep this up!

I really like seeing you experiment.

Pretty cool