Reviews for "{The Sewers}"


Can see why your taking a break, This must have taken all your energy :p This is so sexy. Very very nice and very well eqed. Very talented man, keep this up after you return. Its all too perfect.


cornandbeans responds:

I actually thought the EQ needed a bit more work... :| Course I tend to like things less when I go over them enough times. :P

It was kinda a breakthrough for me, especially the synths. Thanks for the kind words. :)


eeeeewwwww sewers LOL

nice job man your getting better everyday and you were awesome to start with!!!

Awesome and Psychadelic

awesome song, hard bass beats and some great fill in sounds as well, this song is beyond avergage! therefore you get a full point score from me. DDR song maybe ?


Saying this I won't have to review every submission, you rule and all your music is god of DNB. It seems that your songs are made almost effortlessly seeing as you put in a lot of submissions.
Kudos! keep em' koomin'


a+ enticing

I actually loved the beggining, i thought it lead to the rest of the song wonderfully. props dude, keep it up