Reviews for "{The Sewers}"

Stunning stuff.

This is pretty amazing man.
Im kinda of a critic when it comes to reviewing on audio portal but theres only one thing i found that i didnt like about this track and thats the piano (which i think thats what you used) that came in at 2:42,it kinda took away away the darkness of the track but i reckon with alot more verb on it and turned down abit i guess it could sound tight with it but for me i didnt like it.
Everything else was great the intro gets you hooked straight away and the ending just makes you want more.
Great work.
Keep it up.

Very nice.

Had a pretty anticipating build up at the beginning, and did not dissapoint.

Great title ^^

This is cool, just amazing, absolutly nice, ^^

ya know

you gots my 5 boayyyyyy!


The intro built up the song, and i had an awsome scene in my head while this went on, anyway, great use of synth, and fade ins and outs. For those who are interested, this would be great for a fighting flash ect.

Sick Transitions with the piano and keybord, Keep up the great work i'm downloading this. 10/10

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