Reviews for "{The Sewers}"

Great Work!

As soon as I saw that you did this, I was expecting it to be a hardcore techno/dance track, but it was quite different from the other tracks that you have made. At first, it was slow and foreboding, and then some killer beats merged their way into the song, and it fit perfectly! Props to you on a great track, keep up the good work!


Makes me giggle.

I liked this song, and the title made me think of "where the slime live" lol.


Noooooo! you made me do it again!!!!
*pushes download button*
nooo! my HDD!!!

jmoney33 well real name is jorda

wooooooooooooow that was great for techno stuff well im new ttyl

First time I heard this was on Unreal Flash '07

This song is absolutely amazing when it can be heard clearly! Hahaah, kinda makes me want to go into making music even more.