Reviews for "{The Sewers}"


Hey C&B great work, this one kicks azz man, great job, keep up the great work!

cornandbeans responds:

thanks man. :) I'm gonna have some new stuff out real soon.

sonic chaos

i fucking love the basses on this, the timbre, the lines and oh my the pump up quality. the drums were tight as hell and i must say you've got some cooky ass sounds bouncing around too. the melody was a little convoluted but no worries, it just pumps you up. i definitely heard the two weeks of work put into this. simple and sirect.

cornandbeans responds:

thanks. :D It did take a bit of effort and experimentation.

There we go.

Good 'ol dark DnB. This would go perfectly in an arcade shooter. (Personally, I think this should be first place.) I always check the top 5, the first ones this week kinda suck :*/

Well, another future c&b platinum, be sure not to forget about us.

cornandbeans responds:

hehehe :)

I won't forget about you guys. Thanks for the review, man. :)

wow is right...

I'd give you a more constructive review, but im to lazy right! XC Its just mad awesome!

Keep it Viewtiful!


cornandbeans responds:


glad you liked it. :) Thanks.



Mey i put this on my ipod when i do or burn on cd when i do so i cna liisn to it when im like going to shcol ill be nodding my head to it.

great song man u fianly suprised me i never really reveiwed but i ust to hcek our ur songs.

Meaning i only reveiw when i love the songs on here MUHA!

YO darkmcshadowx@hotmail.com

Lets talk about music shall we.

Im pist of that i cant study fl 24/7 like what u do LOL. i have to wait till monday to get on fl wahh XD.

here's a present o0.

Audio / cornandbeans

Thanks for your vote, DarkMcShadowX! You voted 5 for {The Sewers}, raising its score from 4.32 to 4.35.

cornandbeans responds:

why thank you! :D

I'll be sure to add you on msn. :) The reason I'm taking a bit of a break is to study a bit more... I've been neglecting my work for quite some time.... :P