Reviews for "{The Sewers}"


I was listening to this song just because, and I was liking it. Then right around 1:18, it picked up and I was hooked. Very nice beat! Keep up the great work!


I first heared this first in Unreal Flash and AW MY GAWD! Tihs song is FANTASTIC. A excessive high quality DnB song. Very Good breakbeat, fantastic Basssline. You've done nothing wrong with this song, everything is in the spot.

What did you use? I have to know )_) !

Maybe one thing is bad, and that is the piano. Piano and DnB don't go very good often, in this song it is acceptable, but I doubt you should do it again.

for now.


it sounds great

i like the beat. hope to see more =)

awsome stuff!

How did you get such a great bassline?


it has a good beat to it