Reviews for "{The Sewers}"

Your works never cease to amaze us. You really should sell your songs or make tutorials so we can learn what makes your songs sound so good.

Love this song. May I have permission to upload this song to Youtube with full credit to you? Or have permission to upload any songs in the future so as not to spam you with permission every single time?

Very nice intro, the following loop + intro!

5/5 That's fantastic. I'd love to hear a less compressed version.

Like it

I somehow cant get myself to like the build up, but its very nicely done. Thats my personal taste, thats getting in the way, not your work.
But if you use this kind of Bass-Sound it could have been a little sicker. Maybe you were aiming for something between sickness and tranceyness with the Reese-ish Bass and the Piano-Sound.
Anyway: Its an awesome DnB-Track. Nice work, nice composition, nice mixing. Like it