Reviews for "Handulum+"

Damn, i cried whit the lvl 28 X'D


Great game! I never really beat the demo version but that's ok because that's way worse then this. One complaint is that the final level was so easy. It was such a huge build up from all of those extreme levels but I beat it on like, my 5th try. Nothing compared to level 28. Also another thing to mention is play+, it felt like a whole new game since you can't just grapple a bunch of times and eventully win. I just now beaten the game 100% and wow that was the 2-3 most fun filled days of my life! In conclusion, this game is about easy. I don't know why people say it's hard. In fact, this game is more of a puzzle game then a mouse skill game. Very fun!

fun physicsi :D

great game and the controls are responcive