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Reviews for "Super Panda 3xb"

I Got the second highest score while watching Youtube and occasionally glancing at the screen to click. I won't sugarcoat how incredibly boring and easy this game is. If an immortal being had the patience, they could literally play this indefinitely with no issues. I would rather play Assassins Creed trailing missions all day. I actually got every single medal in my 1st run.
Now for the actual issues, the clicking doesn't always register and it is delayed slightly. And when your character is limited to 3 columns of movement, it's wise to make sure 2 falling objects can't fill all 3 columns.

Artur-Felipe responds:

Thanks for your comment but the stars are sorted by graphics sounds between oases. for example gameplay so I'll have ideas how I can improve.

The control was so bad, it left the game unplayable. I played this on a powerful computer, so it wasn't my hardware being slow.

Artur-Felipe responds:

thank you we will update soon

I liked the game a simple dodge the obstacles and stay alive. That being said the controls leave something to be desired. Particularly the odd hitboxes of where your mouse is and where the character moves. If you are going to have it spread out in a three lane format, make sure the lanes are distinguished from one another. Or, you could as many other have already advised make the controls binded to the arrow keys. That being said for a traditional flash game it wasn't too bad. I am a big fan of the continue option for those players that are just here for the medals (myself included). Thank you for your work and hope to see more from you soon.

Artur-Felipe responds:

Thanks, I'll update as soon as possible.

Not a fan of the controls and the pacing. Overall it could use more polish, too. Cute panda, though.

Congrats on Daily 2nd!

Artur-Felipe responds:

Thank you, I intend to improve.

Audio: The audio sounds like it has a low pass filter all throughout the song but it is kinda catchy and the bass is nice, not the worst.

Controls: The game's controls are just bad, why not just use the left and right arrow keys to move or make it track the player's mouse and allow free movement on the screen?

Graphics: It's not hard to see the background looping, Health goes outside of the bar instead of just staying at max, why does the panda get a shield and keep flying when you get a game over you could just make him fall and make him frown but, the power-ups were designed well and the panda is kinda cute.

Gameplay: It's kind of boring just clicking and avoiding bomb pillows When I pause the game with the shield power up it deletes the shield but it still shows I have one it. When I pause the game with the x2 power up it still gives me points. It would be better if you had like a speed power-up that made you go fast and make you invincible for like three seconds or make a projectile that destroys the next couple of pillows to make the player feel more engaged.

Nitpicking: Why don't you just pause the game instead of making the game continue while giving the panda a permanent sheld? Have an X option on the top left instead of the icons being displayed on the side of the window.

Overall: I don't enjoy playing this game but, kids would probably play for like 20 minutes before getting bored.

Artur-Felipe responds:

Thanks for your comment and I will improve the game in a new update "Super Panda 2".