Reviews for "Parallel World - The Hero's Journey"

its amaziiing :ะท

Controls could be WASD instead of arrow keys, or change it from X to talk to the guide. Other than that, pretty great game.

very tough game actually had to cheat it a couple times. when you get a new power up you can still use the powers from the old powerups as long as its a right click powerup and you hold down the right click button but once you release it, you cant use it again. came in handy especially on the level before the "chocolate cavern" high score for difficulty, i'll beat it eventually.

Great vibe, but needs checkpoints as difficulty increases.

i honestly dont get it why many say the controls are bad, they're fine (for me) i see a lot of slimar things with super mario bros, like the stage layouts and the power up. (fire). overall, i really liked the game, the thing you should fix is the movement, its pretty fast and suggish. again overall, good game 4/5