Reviews for "Parallel World - The Hero's Journey"

Not a bad little platformer but as others have suggested, WASD would probably be a better control scheme. Spacebar for jump would also be preferable to most. You could just make the controls configurable or have multiple control schemes selectable in the options menu. I was able to work around this of course because all of my keys are configurable but it could be pretty awkward for others. I'd also recommend working with someone to create a bit of music for the stages. It's a bit bland and silent but not a bad little game.

Good luck with future projects!

jpuroila is right. if you require the mouse to aim, then you need to make the controls WASD. As a culture, we worked this out ages ago - WASD is move, Q or E is interact, mouse to aim and fire. It is known.

What looks like a jet pack armor upgrade kills you if you touch it.
What looks like an explosive mine from minesweeper is a powerup.

There are also plenty of levels which must be solved through trial-and-error and not simply logic and dexterity.

There was also at least one time when the game lagged and it resulted in an unnecessary death.

its amaziiing :з

x for interaction - one hand
arrows for movement - two hands
mouse for shooting - three hands