Reviews for "Parallel World - The Hero's Journey"

Great vibe, but needs checkpoints as difficulty increases.

The game arrows make me uncomfortable to interact with mouse, but can you add to walk on wasd becouse walking on the wasd is easier to interact with mouse.

Game looks good for now! Good job

The game is badly designed. Level 8 is a good example. You fall down, but you don't see the enemies, so you can't really avoid them. The slippery movement can be frustrating too. Overall, too many levels and overly long levels. Either less annoying enemies,either give the possibility of jumping over the screen, or add health

Also, a bug - when you replay earlier level, and quit from the level, you cannot access further levels. Like, I entered level 6, quit, and couldn't access levels 7-11, which I had beaten at the time.

What can I say? It's just really a bad and unfun game.

a pretty good game that with just a few small improvements would make alot better, wasd controls and maybe a halfway checkpoint

how am I supposed to do the jump in lvl 11 if the sscreen limits my jump wtf?
also include wasd