Reviews for "Parallel World - The Hero's Journey"

It is clear a lot of effort went into making the game however the controls are a breaking point (clearly evident by the comments already here) also if possible zoom out the camera a bit to make it clear where the enemies are. Really wanted to like the game because of the ideas however playing it became more of a chore and so I had to walk away. I do however, look forward to your future works as the ideas hold a lot of promise.

ok so, this game is very "fun" (why do the controls have to be arrow keys and not wasd)

Arrow keys + x key + mouse = you have three arms!! Sorry, i only have two, so the controls are ... you know. Also, the levels are a bit annoying. Just one live. restart with each mistake.

Allow me to reiterate what other reviewers have said. Arrow keys plus mouse = AWFUL. If you're aiming with the mouse, WASD should be movement, and surrounding keys such as Q E R F should be any other functions. This is BASIC stuff. You get a poor rating for not knowing this.

would be fun but arrow controls makes it feel more unfair to lose than a fun challenge, add wasd controls and spacebar jump and this could be great.