Reviews for "Parallel World - The Hero's Journey"

Controls could be WASD instead of arrow keys, or change it from X to talk to the guide. Other than that, pretty great game.

u couldnt maybe make the controls arrow keys and make aswd controls for other people? i also wish there were more checkpoints, or im just bad. :P

I think you would get a better crowd if you did not target people with three hands. Mouse + arrows + x is not a good combo.

i honestly dont get it why many say the controls are bad, they're fine (for me) i see a lot of slimar things with super mario bros, like the stage layouts and the power up. (fire). overall, i really liked the game, the thing you should fix is the movement, its pretty fast and suggish. again overall, good game 4/5

Some really good ideas, I can tell that a lot of passion and effort went into this game. Unfortunately it wasn't as polished as it could have been. The controls were awkward but I was still impressed. I look forward to your next game as this one shows plenty of potential.