Reviews for "MochiMochi (Demo)"

Extremely cute! I do wonder why the floor and ceiling is lava for the little kitty though...maybe it's just the anxiety that comes with perceived failure for the little one.

The only thing I can think to make this better, is if you had more freedom with swinging, because there seems to be a pretty broad point of no-return where, no matter what you do, you're screwed.

They don't have to be web-slingin' Spidercats, but to be able to go BACK to collect any missed onigiri, or to reach straight up to help maneuver around a stack of crates. We seem to be affixed to 45 degrees out to the front, and that feels very rigid and constrained considering we're, essentially, web-slinging.

Keep up the great work! I hope the full version is a hit for you!

Solid game. Simple enough at the start but the collectibles make it challenging.

The swinging never felt satisfying though, even after getting more used to it it feels more like a puzzle game with a specific way of clearing the levels rather than a fast-paced swing where improvising is possible. Whether this was intended or not idk.

Artwork and sounds are appealing though, good job!

pretty good visuals but i feel like it let me control the grapple, also those DAMN collectibles are so hard to get, good music and controls well though, odd way of using a grapple in game, i could see this easily become a mobile game

me like

controls just as good as the real game, highly recommend for yall to buy the actual game!