Reviews for "MochiMochi (Demo)"

I love this game, it's so hard to play but I enjoy it!

Okay, there's some problems in the gameplay. Nice game anyway

kekitopu responds:

like what in specific?
if there is bugs I could fix it, but I need to know what it is

good concept, bad execution

This game is really cute and fun
The mechanics are super simple and straight forward and very captivating.
Game's challenging and hard, but 100% fair which is fantastic.
The art looks dope! It's really cute but in a comfortable and nice way and not in painful too sweet of a way.
The colors are bright, but not to the point where it hurts, effects gameplay, or cause irritation on long term exposure.
The music and sound design is just right. Everything about this game is just right.
I'm adding this to my favorites, definitely gonna be playing this a ton.
Awesome game!

This should be ported to mobile asap. Lord knows that's where this kind of game will easily flourish.
The music and graphics are great but I wonder if a vector graphic style would suit this game better.