Reviews for "MochiMochi (Demo)"

Flappy bird sequel's looking good

Very simple game concept but can be a little difficult at times to complete a level if your timing is a little bit off. Kind of reminds me of Super Hook Girl as it had a pretty similar game play concept too.

The gameplay is somewhat tricky as it takes a few minutes to get some good timing between hooks so you are not too low or high when swinging forward in the stage.

The music is relaxing and enjoyable. The sound effects remind me of older video games from 90s too.

The story is not bad, reach the end of a level to kiss your beloved... before you have to go on to another level and do it all over again to be with them. ;-;

Overall, not bad, seems like a game that could be completed in an afternoon. Could possibly add in a Time Attack mode, would be great. :D

It's really good looking for a demo! The stretching in the game should be a bit smoother however and maybe even loose with controls in general? But really cute game so far!

They should fuck when you get to the finish line

kekitopu responds:

check my drawings for the fuck. lol

Spider Kitten, Spider Kitten! Crawls on walls like spiders do!! Love this game. Especially enjoy the music.. Can't wait for the full version.