Reviews for "MochiMochi (Demo)"

This has Flappy bird levels of mechanics. But I do like the cute aesthetics though

Meh. Less than meh. Far too difficult to control, and is there no way to go down or up? Why does just staying still mean you lose? If I descend too low, wouldn't that mean there is no way to raise myself up? What?

kekitopu responds:

its a swing, you do the full swing to go up, and let go to go down,
I don't understand what you mean.

Pretty good; maybe a little too difficult to control. With a little bit of polish to to the hitboxes for collision, as well as the animations, it could shape up.

Adorable, the volume's a bit too loud and the arm feels a bit awkward, but very fun!

Interesting so far, just too difficult to control at the moment. I like swinging, but it's unpredictable if I could get through the course without hitting the ceiling or floor. The chance of managing a successful swing without dying is a bit too small.

It is pretty cute though, not gonna lie. Just parts of the gameplay could be fixed. Good work overall!