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Reviews for "Current Tycoon"

Great time-waster

I love the 'Rubbing' idea to generate energy! Finally something new and fresh in the clicker genre! :D Well done mate!

Amazing work, great way to slay time.

Some improvement suggestions:
* Let the user save the current progress. Loosing all of it is a huge letdown.
* Offer a mini-tutorial to introduce the game mechanics. Even if it's just a blinking "rub here with your finger/cursor" before reaching 1000 Kilopowers
* Fix the medals!
* Consider using some statistical user tracking on progress. I think there's room for improvement in the game balance aspects.
* What is "kilopower"? I know I'm a nitpick, but why not use actual units (i.e. "kWh" or "Joule")? It would add some minor leanings to players

applessmillion responds:

I'm about to publish an update that adds a save button to the main screen. You'll be able to manually save your stuff by clicking on it whenever you'd like.
I'm also looking in to adding some extra stuff for endgame. I have a few ideas, but it'll take a bit getting it up and running.
I also plan to have a mini-tutorial up and running for first-time users. This should run for everyone.

EDIT: Tutorial and save button live.

The game is trash but the music is way to good to be true