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Reviews for "Current Tycoon"

It's uh... pretty bad, sorry man.

Really don't want to give you low scores but there are some few things this game need.
First of all, idle games are naturally not attractive unless you put something to attract players. For example, put some more interesting graphics or something in motion to show players that their time spent yield some improvement. All we have here are just a 2 frames moving smoke from factory and ticking numbers.
To move on, it would be good to add some small sign as a guide to notice the area where energies can be generated, or if you want to keep it cleanly classic, you can write down a small how-to-play on author comments' section so no one get confused.
More over, try add goals soon because many games on Newgrounds won't stay frontpage for long unless they are really cool. Once something new replaces this game at front, people won't notify the change of goal again.
Another important thing is, please check about the calculation on Convert page. On the sell for 1,000 power, the return is $21, but on sell all, I can only get $16 for 1.02k power.
Finally, the capacity is pretty low and the upgrade cost isn't much reasonable. I mean it takes only a short while to gain full power, which lead back to the first suggestion; if you want players to stay on screen, there should be something more interesting.
Edit; You really are a good listener, some improvement can be seen here which make the game more attractive and easy to understand.

applessmillion responds:

I've been checking out the capacity upgrade costs and trying to rework them a bit. You're also pretty right about animation and stuff. I'm going to look into re-purposing some assets from another project I have in development to spice things up a bit.
Regarding the convert page, it is working as intended. The sell-all feature is meant to have a trade-off, where it is a lot more convenient to use, but returns less money. The difference is less noticeable the more you trade in at once.

Spent a few hours tonight/this morning working on the local dev update. I've gone ahead and pushed it out, while adding some new animations and such to some pages. This includes a few new frames to existing animations, and a night/day cycle for the map (from another project).

kind of slow... ya its just the gameplay is kind of slow as in it takes forever to get far in the game.

applessmillion responds:

Thanks for the feedback, I'll look into adjusting some of the gameplay and such in the coming days. Any specific part that's sluggish?

I don't know what experince was aimed to deliver but it plays a lot slower and more boring , upgrates take ages and it's not making fun to see no goal in reach , because of weak upgrades and slow progressen.

A really bad remaster.

applessmillion responds:

Thanks for the feedback, I'll look into adjusting some of the gameplay and such in the coming days.

Looks good and all, but it's simply not very fun. Sorry.