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Reviews for "Current Tycoon"

Why don't the additional power stations seem to do anything?

applessmillion responds:

They'll offer cheap(er) ways to upgrade your capacity, while also increasing your overall level. I'm looking to have the initial unlock reward a few levels to start off with, just so you get something more than the ability to upgrade those other options.

Nice game! I really liked the extremely simple look :D
Three problems however, when energy is between 40k and 1M in convert menu "sell all" button doesn't work. It says "Sell 10 000 Joules; sell 5.00 Joules for" and you can't click it.
Second, after I donated the last money for local area, donations went crazy; all buildings started flashing and every number changed to 1234556789, including total donated $123,456,789.
And last, it would be great if all the values would refresh automatically after you click on those mystery icons after buying that upgrade.

applessmillion responds:

Fixed the sell-all button! Added a fail-safe for the button, so it should always offer you some deal!

I've gone ahead and formatted some other text so you'll get commas and such to increase readability.

I'll look into working on having the mystery icons throw an update to everything so you can see what they did immediately. Thanks for the review!

not that unique


You know what? This game has potential, it can become something good and the athor seems passionated and with ideas for it, so honestly, it has my support
Keep on going, keep on improving and keep adding stuff to it, I'm sure it'll become something great

applessmillion responds: