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Reviews for "Current Tycoon"

Ok, the medals and the sell all button are working now.

Are you kidding me? The save function isn't working right, I have to buy the two factories and unlock all of the four donation rewards again!

Alright... I manually saved the data, but I don't know how to use it to continue my game. As it is, I won't play everything again just for the medals I'm missing.

I feel the game is a little slow and lacks rewards visually (it's like almost nothing happens and getting things doesn't really feel like much).

I really like your attitude and how you improve based on the feedback, btw. Kudos on that!

Played for like 30 minutes, then went into shop and started quickly clicking the "next page" button, which slowed the game more and more until it took over a minute for one action to complete. Reloaded the page and my progress is gone, so it means there are no autosaves? In a clicker? Unreliable, buggy clicker that doesn't save is, well, noth wort the time.

Besides, music is terrible. Loud and the quality is... crunchy (in a bad way), for a lack of better term.

applessmillion responds:

Sorry to hear the game kinda screwed you over. I've gone ahead and PM'd you a little something.

I've also updated the music in the game. Should be a little bit less compressed now, hopefully fixing that crunchyness.

A great game that tries to recreate what the source material had going for it. But I feel the music is a tad too loud (I'm at 12% volume, which isn't a good thing to hear when someone's at that low) and the progress at the beginning is a BIT slow. However, the visuals and music are actually quite appealing. I give this game a 4.

applessmillion responds:

Listening to it again, I agree. I've gone ahead and lowered the max volume to roughly 50% of what it was. Let me know what you think if it's still a bit loud!

I don't like the music of the game if there was a option to silence the music it will be good, and the game is kind of boring, i think that i don't like tycoon games xd.

applessmillion responds:

If you visit the settings page, there's a mute/unmute button to toggle the music.