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Reviews for "Current Tycoon"

Very good game, and great time killer at the same time.

Pretty monotonous and slow moving, and for an idle/nonidle click just wiggling my mouse wasn't enough to keep me entertained. I get the remastering but found a huge glitch. Regardless of being at max power capacity, if you go to the trading center (under convert) your power level will increase (via idle) infinitely resulting in no need to purchase capacity upgrade and UNLIMITED POWER MWA HA HA.

Def different, for those with no idea you gain power by moving your mouse over the box. The end.

I couldn't really play this game. I started off with $0. I didn't know where to go from there. I'll go right in the middle with the star rating. The only thing I could really handle was the settings. It seemed pretty bland.

Well, I'm not into RPGs. Was this more than that? I liked the music. I'm fairly certain that's common here. It's not for me.

A very unique take on clicker games, i can waste hours of my mortal existence on this, I also really enjoy the music.

Your medals aren't working; I have unlocked both extra power plants, the golden background, both omega upgrades, the mystery thing, and I haven't been given any medals.

You also have an game-breaking exploit in the game; if you leave the game on the trading center, you will continue to generate power past your set limit. This could let someone just walk away for a while, get a large amount of power, and then get a huge payout.