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Reviews for "Mystic Island 1"

only the beggining was good

when he and the tree became one i just cried out of laugh


why are u most of u not impress!!!!!! the authers put a lot of work in to their flash movies!!!!!!!!!!!!!


THAT WAS SO AWESOME norm nice name IT WAS a lil creepy when NORM made a latern out of a guys face...anyways I CANT WAIT FOR THE OTHER PARST XDXDXD :P MYSTIC ISLAND RULEZ


Sooooo good. Cant wait to see the next one

I love how you made a pause between each question.

Oh and only one thing - the thirteen people is not including the 3 of them. So there techincally is 16 people on the island.

But cool idea anyway. Gore part was kinda weird to tell you the truth...but I can see how its necessary for the movie.


actually pretty funny stuff
ecspecially "dead chicks cant say no"