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Reviews for "Mystic Island 1"


I'll admit I went into this with fairly low expectations. The look of this movie was initially very offputting. I've never been a big fan of stick figure animation, so
imagine my surprise at watching this and finding myself amused to hell!

Yes, the film doesn't look the greatest, a mixture of being 11 years old and using basic stick figures for all the characters (even going so far as to just numbering all the extra characters, which I will admit was also pretty funny!). But the humor overshadowed all the crappiness of the look in spades!

From the crashing silence that descends whenever an inappropriate comment is made in the beach scene, to the looks of horror after Norm does a little pumpkin carving, the humor was just brilliant. And of course, the movie was surprisingly violent too, with Norms butchering of poor number 5, including some nasty looking stick figure mouth slitting!

Really, if more time was spent making the characters proper figures and not stick figures, this would have been a 10//10 for me. But I look forward to watching the rest of this as it is hilarious!

Epic fail

he got owned by a tree and almost died

Love it

I watched these a long time ago but didn't review them at the time.

Episode 1 just sets up the hilariousness of the later episodes. I love awkward silences when they say something really weird.

Even though its not the best animation, the voices and humor make up for it.


huh huh tree+head=bang


awsome, funny, cool!