Reviews for "Sounds"

This was pretty epic my dudes. I did love alot of the animation done In this. Some of em that stand out is the effect when the guy picks up his headphones , and the effects on the 9th scene where the characters warp into existence. A few things in the animation that could used work was the first walk cycle vs the timing on movement and sound synced with it. Another thing a bit off was the windows inside the space ship . Couldn't tell if they were picture frames or a window into another room (this could have been a problem with the perspective which made it seem like a picture on a wall). Alot of the artwork is very good. And I don't really need to say anything if those fractal.effects you do as they always seem to blow my mind. The sound was super trippy. I did like the excercise of each animator visualizing this sound through animation. I also LOVED the horse gag! Haha. And the access denied joke had me Rollin. The narrator was also fun and did love his/her(why should we assume it's gender?) Final speech for the short. It's sad to see phase one has come to an end but glad knowing ohase two is over the horizon.

Zhon responds:

Thanks for the feedback! I was the spaceship scene guy. I agree there were some perspective issues, and also not enough to show that they were windows. Could have used more definition or movement outside. See you in season 2!

Every episode is so mind mindbogglingly different from the last, it's incredible really how completely impossible to predict where your creative drives take w=you with each new installation of FlowDownStream.

The format of this episode caught me off guard, I thought that maybe the repetitive nature of the compilation would make it feel a little long, but there were just enough humorous variations to make it not only interesting, but hooking as well, as I just couldn't wait to see what twists would arise and...

Well that credit sequence, that was really personal for me. I assume it's the kind of thing that everyone will perceive and interpret in very different ways, but what I will say is that it nailed the sense of "I know you" that I think the writer was going for. That is both chilling, and fascinating.

Thumbs up and extra dip to the FlowDownTeam, as usual <3

Kolumbo responds:

Really glad you enjoyed the narrator & the credits! Thanks for the kind words

These episode are a great journey, I cannot wait for phase 2!

Great work to the crew! Really came out well.

Great work, guys!