Reviews for "Smash Bros Collab"

Okay, that was not only the longest collab in the history of Newgrounds, it was the longest cartoon in the history of Newgrounds! This is a monumental achievement for this website! Of course I loved it! Maybe my favorite part was with Pichu. I think the previous record holder was "Super Mario Bros Z ep 7" at 41 minutes. Of course, that wasn't timed like this.

How was Rina-chan talking at the end? I missed Kirbopher. I think I counted 24 unique individual parts. It's just nothing but endless creativity and laughs over and over. I would have given it a perfect score if it was nothing but that intro! This will forever live on as a testament to the awesomeness of this website!

this wasn't the suck

NG been doing some great collabs lately.

A lot of really talented hidden gem animators in this! Nice work.

Holy shit is that actually Spazkid with an animation? I haven't seen him animate in freaking years! Wow that brings back memories.

bocodamondo responds:

he made a part for the previous DBZ collab too which came out early 2018