Reviews for "Shaoye DEMO"

Why you not published full version on newgrounds?

A very nice platformer, the graphics can use a bit more of a facelift but it was enjoyable nonetheless!

The level design is basic at best although they did give a incentive to backtrack and search for hidden gems around, the boss battle give little leeway to dodge attacks (bushes appearing seemingly out of nowhere).

Regardless of that, it's a solid game save a few flaws.

Yes, jpuroila, it's a GAME demo on a site about games.

Great game so far. The text is a little small and difficult to read, should be bigger. The last two medals (level 4 & defeat boss) aren't unlocking.

Nice game! need to polish the graphics more.

Couldn't figure out how to leave the settings menu, nor escape keys nor special keys seemed to work there, but apart from that little bit this was pretty fun to play, and atmospheric... and aggravating!!! I don't like how the entire level starts over every time you die, even after the simplest mistakes, that you sometimes keep doing over and over... it makes for a really repetitive retry experience. Also feel like the background's a bit too close, it doesn't stand apart from the foreground platforms so well, and the text a bit too small

Apart from those things I like where this is going. That Eastern element too. Always appreciated.