Reviews for "Shaoye DEMO"

A very nice platformer, the graphics can use a bit more of a facelift but it was enjoyable nonetheless!

The level design is basic at best although they did give a incentive to backtrack and search for hidden gems around, the boss battle give little leeway to dodge attacks (bushes appearing seemingly out of nowhere).

Regardless of that, it's a solid game save a few flaws.

Nice game! need to polish the graphics more.

Yes, jpuroila, it's a GAME demo on a site about games.

Great game so far. The text is a little small and difficult to read, should be bigger. The last two medals (level 4 & defeat boss) aren't unlocking.

So it's a demo... on a site that's about GAMES, not DEMOS... and it doesn't have demo in the title... and it has medals?