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Reviews for "RG Rosie 1000"

With such a long length to the video I was expecting there to be a few more changes to the loop as it went on, not just the first little bit, over and over... the time frame tricks you a bit. You realize right away that it's looping and yet you expect more since there's so much time left... it's a good loop though! Smooth. Creative. Flashy flash and laughy laugh. Not bad just... deceptive timeline.


BoyPorcelain responds:

Very true, i just used the video i uploaded on youtube, so for my next loop i'll be sure that it literally loops. Thanks

The art style looks really distinctive, and the background's real well made! I really appreciate that picture of Barbatos in the background there. You can tell this chick's a real robot nerd, probably marathoned Pacific Rim loads of times! The lighting making the room all black and white before it goes back to normal is also a really cool visual.
If I had to name some flaws, I'd say that the sound could be better. The sparkly sound when the girl gets a eureka ends a little too abruptly before she starts doing the scientist laugh. Also, the gesture she does with her left hand when the loop restarts is odd. I think it'd be better if she tried to do that type of gesture with the robotic hand, before it starts sparking up and she has to repeat it again, getting way too ahead of herself. I'm no authority on what artists are allowed to do at all, though, just a suggestion!
I think this loop alone is a really intriguing premise, and I'd love to see it expand into something bigger. I could see that girl carting around her mecha plans all around town, trying to make a name for herself, or the total opposite, like a Dexter's Lab scenario. Either way, I'd love to see more!

BoyPorcelain responds:

Thank you, very well thought out review which i really respect. So first off thank you.
Again, thanks for the kind words, appreciate that, sound design i'll make sure to keep more in mind in future, i think my computer just starts to slow down too much when i edit sound on it so there were parts i had to skim over...
But the hand's starting point is fair, i wasn't thinking that far ahead when i animated this.

Glad you like it though, i might try and animate her again later this year, but that is what i have in mind for the character, quite literally a mixture of the two you said. A typical out of touch teenager dealing with her problems by creating giant mechs, trashing her problems and then dealing with her smashed problems.

Thanks for the review!

Good animation, but why did you loop it for so two minutes.

BoyPorcelain responds:

Because the original file was put on youtube, I may upload the infinite loop version as an 'art piece' but i just wanted to upload this version as is

This is really Great! The quality of the animation is good. And the context is really interesting.

BoyPorcelain responds:

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it!

Hey great loop you got here! The animation is really great! And so is the background.

Is this based off of something (besides the whole mecha genre)? I could see this being fleshed out into something bigger.

BoyPorcelain responds:

Thank you, glad you like it all.
No, sadly it isn't, the character is just your typical annoying weeb but with the mind to be able to make whatever she would want... I would love to have this character grow into something bigger but that's just thought for the future.