Reviews for "Album Cover Parodies 2"

Just remember if you use the skips (skip button appears after you've already answered it correctly at least once) it will mess up the counting and you may not get some of the right answers awards as well as it may skip some bonus stages. So don't use the skips.

Also in regards to the MegaCombo parody, I strongly advise Munguia (or anyone else) to look into the band Mac Sabbath who use that exact getup. Parody band of McDonalds and Black Sabbath.

Funny, not overly difficult and generous with the medals. Can you ask for more?
I haven't had a problem with the medals. Maybe the previous user is using an addon that blocks certain scripts??

omg I love this! artwork is funny, love the parodies

I'm too old to know some covers, and too young to not know some other xD

I'm happy some of my favorite ones were mentioned :>. Of course I learnt of new ones to listen to thanks to this, thank you!