Reviews for "Album Cover Parodies 2"

nice game.

the music could be improved, is a music game afterall.

when pressing the correct answer the game freezes a bit until the medal achievement appears, is a little annoying at times.

This was fun, even with the few that I didn't recognize, I could still use context clues to try to figure it out. Cheers from the audio portal

I'm too old to know some covers, and too young to not know some other xD

omg I love this! artwork is funny, love the parodies

As always, this was quite fun. I admit that I'm not too familiar with album covers. I only got an 18. This said that was a bad score. At least I tried. The drawings were nice.

I completely forgot about the keys. I'm just bad at that, I guess. The music could use some variety. Uh, Merry Christmas? I'm back with the Internet baby!